Friday, August 7, 2009


Mind you I know I grew up in NE which is like the negative capital of the world but I still don't get it what is with all the pissy attitudes and negativity??

Why is it all the sports writers in this town SH*T all over the teams they cover? Why can't we be happy about how well out sports teams have done? I mean how many towns have had 2 WS Champion, 3 SuperBowl Champions and 1 NBA Champion in a decade? And yet all we do is bitch and moan about what is not right. I get the point to criticize and I also realize nothing is perfect but jeeze why can't people just go wow we are some freaken lucky a** sports fans to have all these trophies and rings.

Maybe we are too spoiled now maybe we just expect it every year and when it doesn't happen we have to tear down the teams. I guess I'm just too optimistic and positive cause I am happy all the time with my teams (mind you there are times that I would like to smack them) but come on My dad had to wait till he was in his 50s to see a World Series win while I was only 24 I am supremely lucky and I just wish more of my fellow fans would realize this.

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