Sunday, June 28, 2009

Introducing ME!!!

Well I see a lot of people with blogs and since I don't have one yet I figure why not start one. This first one will just be to intruduce me so you'll kinda have a understanding about what I will talk about. So I'll start with the stats:

Name - Danielle
DOB - 6/4/81
hometown - Woonsocket, RI
Currently reside - Hudson, MA I live with my BF, Craig I'll usually refer to him as BF or my dude hehe

Ok I don't think you need to know my height or anything but hey if you wanna know ask. Onto likes and dislikes

Fave Sport: Baseball followed in a close second by Football
Fave Teams: Red Sox and Patriots (FYI I cheer for all NE Teams even though I'm not that into hockey or bball)
Fave music: Rock (but I listen to anything but country)
Fave drink: Margaritas for non alcoholic I love Tea and Lemonade and I am highly addicted to coffee
Fave Color : Purple can you tell
Fave Food: Chocolate (I am highly addicted to it) yes I do eat savory foods I am a hell of a cook

Ok so that is pretty much the basics I'll now try to mention some other things.
I am a registered independent
I am not into organized religion but I believe in God
I am into gadgets I love my blackberry and my Wii
I am into working out mainly to stay healthy
I LOVE TO COOK and the BF says I'm good at it = )

And FYI notice my name is SoxObsessed and I am not kidding I FREAKEN LOVE THE RED SOX!!! I can talk about them and baseball non stop so be prepared for most of my blogs to consist of baseball and red sox. I may go on rants about other things so if I piss you off I apologize in advance.

Well want to know anymore just ask I'll do my best to blog fairly often =)

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